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Waggoner Creek Elementary School

6335 Gibson Lane – Texarkana, Texas 75501
 903.255.3301  |  903.223.7945

At Waggoner Creek Elementary, staff and students make a commitment to each other to grow and learn together. We embrace curiosity and challenge each other to work hard to achieve academic and personal goals to equip students for success beyond the classroom.

When Waggoner Creek Elementary opened in 2016, we pioneered the concept of Discovery Learning for TISD and have incorporated the use of the Student Enrichment Model. Through Discovery Learning Time, students build confidence, character and community as they develop their ideas and skills.

Come explore, dream and discover with us at Waggoner Creek Elementary!

Kasey Coggin, Ed.D.

Julie Watson
Assistant Principal


Campus Opportunities:
• Join Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS).
• Attend Activities.
• Read with Students in the Classroom.
• Assist with Special Event Preparation.
• Provide Support for Teachers.

At-Home Opportunities:
• Ask your child to describe the activities of his/her day.
• Read with your child for at least twenty minutes every day.
• Review and discuss assignments with your child.
• Communicate often with your child’s teachers.

A Leader In Me Campus

 K thru 5      347